Break The Chains

Jesus Christ won the victory over the bondage of sin and He also won the victory over the daily temptations and sins that we give in to through the power of His death and resurrection.  His perfect life and death on the cross broke the bondage of sin in our lives and His resurrection broke the power of temptation and daily sin in our lives

True Worship
August 18, 2013....Micah Frazee


The ME I Want to Be
July 28, 2013....Clarence Hogan


Wholehearted Commitment
July 14, 2013....Clarence Hogan

Jeremiah 24:7

Winning the War Within
July 7, 2013....Clarence Hogan

Romans 7:19

Make It Count
June 30, 2013....Clarence Hogan

2 Chronicles 21:18-19