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Matthew Hippely

Lead Pastor

Life Story

I was born near Warren Ohio and spent all my formative years growing up in North East Ohio. Though I attended church during my childhood and adolescence and professed with my mouth, I did not truly become a follower of Christ until I was in my 20’s.

God used a small church in Norwood Colorado, and trust me it took time, but God began to break down the walls in my life, and then He just saved me. I don’t know how to explain it. I was studying, praying, pressing in, and honestly, I struggled fully to submit to Jesus Christ, yet in the middle of all that, I found a savior and a friend. He rescued me and captivated my heart, and I just immediately fell in love.

It took another small church, this time in Craig Colorado to let me see the realization of the plan God had for my life in vocational ministry. God truly showed me how he had been preparing me all along. Through the military, and through high level business that he was preparing me for the work of ministry. I started as youth pastor at Craig Christian Church in Craig Colorado in 2014. I attended Liberty University and received my MDiv in Church History.

In 2021, I became pastor of South Side Church of Christ in Washington Court House, Ohio. In 2006, I married my wife, Shandi. We have five children; Lexi, Liberty, Javen, Ashlynd, and Sam.

My Hope for South Side Church

My hope for South Side is that we would be a family of men and women who know Christ, grow in Christ, and go for Christ. That as we reflect God’s glory into the world, that we would speak truth and grace to all and that both our minds and our hearts would be renewed and transformed by Him.