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Hope on the Streets Info

Measure What Matters...

Are we measuring what matters?... Hope on the Streets


South Side Church of Christ looks to begin a different kind of "Fall Event" that focuses on families learning how they can give to those in need.


Hope on the Streets Info

  • Date - November 1st. 2023
  • When - 5:30pm
  • Where - Eyman Park, Washington Court House Ohio
  • What - Awareness Walk in town, Awareness Walk for kids, speakers, testimony, prayer, and family awareness events for all ages.


While we all love and enjoy the Fall season, it can often be the beginning of a hard, cold, and difficult season for many. We would like to shift our focus from events that focus on "ATTENDANCE" and instead shift our focus to how do we "ATTEND" to those in need.


This family style event is meant to bring awareness to all ages through speakers, testimony, and prayer. Below is a list of a few of the aspects of Hope on the Streets:

  • A two-mile walk to show support and send a message of care and understanding to those in need.
  • A kids walk through event, where each station will represent a need of focus with information, a small activity, and an opportunity to give at each station.
  • Hygiene - Kids can bring a toothbrush or a washcloth to donate.
  • Clothing - Kids can bring a pair of socks or a beanie to donate.
  • Shelter - Kids can bring a blanket or a small tarp to donate.
  • First-Aid - Kids can bring band-aids or sunscreen to donate.
  • Humanity - Kids will learn about the heart of giving, and a biblical view of helping those in need.
  • Speakers and booths from all areas of support and ministry in town, offering information and ways you can get involved and/or support.
  • A testimony from Blaine Bailey.
  • Prayer over the needs of the community
  • Care bags will be given to those in need.
  • Free hot dogs provided.

We would love to have a large showing of support for this cause. Bring your families and friends, come be a part of something that helps us, and the next generation learn to expand our hearts a little more and love those in need.

You can also show your support by ordering and wearing the "Hope on the Streets" shirt or hoodie.

You can also show your support by ordering and wearing the "Hope on the Streets" shirt or hoodie.


(All proceeds go to our local homeless shelters.)